Saturday, October 29, 2011


My Honey,
This one is for you!

I love you. I really, really do. You have brought such joy to my life. You have given me two beautiful sons that brighten my world even more. They are a perfect blend of me and you. We have a "home" that will always be ours. Our house may change, the lawn will come and go, gardens will turn with the seasons but our HOME will always stay the same. Thank you for creating a perfect life with me and for me.

When we met, I was a ball of stress and way to serious about life. You have brought me out of that shell and into the sunshine that God has given me. I couldn't have done that without you. It's a cheesy line but it is so very true, you really are my better half. You actually do bring out the best in me. You have let me realize what's really important in life on my own but supported me, encouraged me, and directed me the whole way. I cannot imagine my life without you in it.

I never take for granted being able to kiss you every day. I cherish every hug you have ever given me. I love every moment I have with you, even if we are not seeing eye to eye. When those moments come, the fights, bickering and arguments, I look forward to when we make up and learn from our experiences to make our life even better.

You have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Your laugh is contagious. It makes my heart smile every time I hear it. I could look into your eyes for eternity and never get bored. I love when you blink and your long, long eyelashes sway. Yes, they are that long and Aiden is here to prove it. Your nose, oh how I love your nose. I always have. Remember when you wanted to cut it off and I would say "no way, I love your nose" without fail, every time? I still do love your nose.

Thank you for extending my family. I have more cousins than ever and so many wonderful, loving aunts and uncles. Or should I say Aunties? Ha. I have another brother with a beautiful wife. I finally have nephews and two wonderful ones at that. I now have three nieces instead of two. And I have the best Mother-in-Law I could ever have dreamed for. She loves me tremendously and we have a fantastic relationship. Thank you for sharing her with me.

I also want to say thank you for this adventure we are about to embark on. I don't know what is going to happen along the way but as long as you are with me, by my side, I'm ready for it. I don't know where it is going to take us but as long as you are with me, I don't care where. You are my home. You are my rock. You are my everything. God gave me you and He must *really* love me to give me something so special.

I love you Honey.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Life These Days

Not too much has been going on with me and my family. Here's some things, in list form because that's how I see life:

1. LOTS of waiting on a phone call to hear about the AF
2. Lots of praying for direction
3. Honey got a job at Target to get himself out of the house a bit and to help make ends meet
4. I now work four days a week instead of two
5. Waiting
6. Aiden was sick with tummy bug and that was no fun
7. Aiden shared his tummy bug with me and that was no fun either
8. Tristan has his first skating rink birthday party and I'm super excited for him
9. Waiting
10. Tristan has been getting *LOTS* of compliments from his teachers at school
11. My sons will both be Batman for Halloween and they are thrilled about it
12. I learned to cook some new meals
13. My relationship with my brother is improving greatly
14. I want to jump for joy about the previous entry
15. My niece was baptized October 19 and I am so very, very proud of her
16. More waiting
17. I've lost over 20 pounds
18. Went to Albuquerque for week and had the best time
19. Got to hike up a mountain, go on a nature walk with my boys, and experience the balloon fiesta
20. Oh yeah, more waiting

Chicken Fried Steak with Homemade Gravy

This was the meal that scared me. I'm not sure why but it did. I never knew how to do chicken fried steak. I never knew how to do homemade gravy. Everyone told me that gravy was THE easiest thing to make. Even if you didn't know to boil water, you could make gravy. Well, I didn't know how to make gravy. I can make lots of other things but not that.

Tonight was a victory. I made gravy. YUMMY yummy YUMMY gravy with my YUMMY yummy YUMMY Yummy Chicken Fried Steak. Oh how lovely it was. The kids gobbled it up. I gobbled it up. My hubby wished he could gobble it up. He was at work so he got a picture of it instead of a bite. Even the cat wanted some. It was fabulous.

This is awesome for me. I am learning new things and loving it. I used my cast iron (which I am becoming quite good at doing) and seasoned it with some delicious, fattening food tonight and am super proud of myself. VICTORY for me!! I am going to make it again tomorrow night for Honey because he wasn't here to enjoy it tonight. He loves that type of food...hearty, comforting Man Food. He deserves it. I'll take some pictures to post, if I remember. I never do pictures on here but this is in need of some pics.

Gravy's all easy for me now!!

p.s. my Honey and Mom are amazed at how I didn't know how to make those two things but can create a full-blown, all-out meal for holidays
p.p.s. weird, I know

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Changing Times

Right now life is changing in so many ways it is hard to keep up. Here's some of the changes heading our way: moving, new job, loss of a job, change in income, growing boys

My Honey has been a stay-at-home Daddy for the past two months and that is going to change soon. It was a lovely, rough transition and I am going to be a bit sad that he has to go back to work. We prepared for him to be able to stay at home for some time with us but that time is coming to an end. It is a happy and sad thing at the same time.

With these really big changes, moving to a new location that is quite possibly out of state, somewhere that I have never been, are minor changes that have already happened. I have lost friends in the physical sense, not death but they moved. I am in the process of losing more and that makes me so very sad. It all started with "losing" a family and then from there it just keeps happening. I'm glad it isn't in a final kind of way but it is still a loss one way or another.

I am excited for what God has for my wonderful family of four. I am still human and feel sadness for the losses that have happened and have yet to happen. Friendships have changed, lives are different, relationships are different.

I was sitting on the couch just now thinking about all these things. I wanted to write them down so I wouldn't forget my raw emotions.

Staying on Track

okay, so this post is going to stray away from my usual ones. this post is for me but i know the two people that read this blog (hey there folks) will see it too. that's okay. i don't mind.

My goals this week: don't go over points. exercise at least four out of the seven days. one cup of coffee a day, possibly two if it's a Smallville kind of night. only water except for cup of coffee mentioned. lessen salt intake.

So those are my goals this week. I've been doing great on my weight loss journey but have come to a stand still. It is quite normal and expected. This is my way of battling it and I am going to see if it helps. Maybe a bit more accountability is all I need.

I am going back to the basics with small goals for the week, that way I can keep them and not give up on them. Wish me luck!!