Friday, January 29, 2010

My little man

Aiden went to the doctor last week adn got his nine month check up. He is growing up so fast. He is 28 1/2 inches long and weighs 15 lbs 10 oz. The doc is concerned about his weight being so low but Aiden shows no signs of being starved. He is a happy boy who has little chunk rolls on his legs and arms. He isn't cranky (other than when he is sick or teething) after eating as if he was still hungry. I told the doctor that he comes from a family of very small, petite people. His grandma isn't even five feet tall and his great grandma was just as small. His daddy isn't the biggest fellow around. The pediatrician wants us to go back to see him in four weeks to weigh Aiden and see some progress. Aiden also had a sinus infection but now a week later it is gone. Thank goodness for medicine is all I have to say on that.

So that is Aiden growing up sooooo fast. Tristan was 27 inches long and weighed 19 lbs. 10 oz. at 9 months. What a difference huh? Aiden is longer and skinnier than Tristan was. That's makes sense though because Aiden looks just like his daddy in face and body but Tristan looks more like me. Our body types are more similar than him and his daddy's.

I am happy to report that I have healthy, happy baby boys who are growing up right before my eyes into beautiful children.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Left Field

I am sitting here on the couch after a long day. All in all the day was good but Aiden is driving me nuts with the seperation anxiety. I never had that with Tristan. He only made a stink one time when we left him in the infant room at church. I wrote it down in his baby book because he never did that and I found it cute that day. But now, my goodness Aiden cries when I leave the room or I go out of his sight. It drives me bonkers. I was so stressed today trying to clean the house and get dinner cooked while keeping him occupied. Even Tristan got tired of hearing him cry. LOL. Sunday we were the shepherds for the walkers and Aiden cried in the infant room and I ended up having to get him and hold him the whole time. Good thing we had wonderful, well behaved kiddos in the walker room (yay Jayce and Hadley).

Julian and I wanted three babies. We dreamed of having at least three children maybe four. After today and the last couple of weeks I am thinking that two is just fine. I don't think that I am willing or able to do another baby like Aiden. I don't know how parents do it. Tristan was my exception to every rule in the book. He didn't cry a lot, he went to bed SOOOOOOOOOO easy, he ate wonderful, he was perfectly well behaved and just one of a kind. Aiden is textbook child to the T. He is everything the book says. He is my problem sleeping baby, crying baby, etc etc. I just don't know about having another one. If I knew they would be "easy" like Tristan was then I would have five more but that is just crazy to think about. And kuddos to all those parents out there with colicky babies. Holy moly I couldn't imagine.

Aiden goes to the doctor on Friday which is good because he has a cough. The kind from the chest that needs to be looked at. I hope he isn't sick like me (Bronchitis) but if he is, that explains a lot. That might/could be the reason for his excessive crankiness. I will find out soon. Tonight Aiden went down without a fuss but that is probably because he cried the whole time I was getting him ready for bed. He had boogies and I had to suck them out with the boogie suckie thing and he really did NOT like that. But he could breathe better afterwards. He also might be teething. Now that I think about it, Aiden has a lot going on right now and I should be more understanding to that. I just gave myself a lesson about being more patient by writing all this down. LOL. Shame on me for getting frustrated with him when he has reason to be cranky.

Tomorrow is new day with new possibilities and renewed patience and understanding. I love my boys and I will show them that.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Wow it has been forever since I posted anything on here. Here is a recap of things that have been going on.

Christmas was great. The boys got all sorts of toys that made me go into rotating mode with their old toys. I had to get rid of toys to make room for the new toys. Julian and I are going to attempt a garage sale next Saturday, so we shall see how that goes. We have been trying for about two months now to have one but something always comes up and we postpone it. For some reason though I can't seem to part with any of their clothes. I just get all mushy inside when I look at the little itty bitty sizes of newborn and 0-3 month clothes and just can't part with them.

My birthday was okay. It wasn't the best but when you get older the pizazz of birthday's just aren't the same as when you were younger. Julian's mom came into town on my birthday to stay with us for a week. That was a great visit. She had strep throat when she arrived so that FREAKED me out but no one got it. The funny thing is, when she left is when we all got sick with just the common cold that won't go away..two weeks later. UGH. Anyhow, my family went to Brio and enjoyed some delicious food. I had a great time there with my loves ones and Julian surprised me with a Nook for B&N. I haven't received it yet but I am excited for when it ships.

While my MIL was here we went to Disney Live at the Toyota center and Tristan had a blast. That is the first event that we have taken him too really. I wanted to take him to an Imagination Movers concert thing but I was a week late. Oh well. We have taken him to the museum and stuff but nothing Disney. Julian has been talking about taking him to one of those things since he found out we were going to be parents. LOL. It only took two years but we got there. Aiden had a good time also. He loves it when Tristan smiles and laughs. That makes him smile and laugh. It warms my heart to see them smile and laugh together. LOVE it.

You know what we did New Years Eve? NOTHING. Not a darn thing. Gosh, we are old. LOL. Maybe next year we can live it up.

I am sick and trying to get over this darn cold that just won't go away. The boys were sick for a week and that was very hard. Both boys being sick at the time was very stressful. I wanted to pull my hair out. There was one night were I truly kept going from Tristan's room to Aiden's room all night long. I didn't go to bed till about 4:30 am. Everytime one child cried the other would start and then I had to hold both till they calmed down but had to keep them separated and they kept wanting to be with each other. That was very very hard on me. I would spend ten minutes in Tristan's room and then go spend ten minutes in Aiden's room. Julian wanted to help me but the boys wanted ONLY me. They would not accept Julian's help. Weird.

Tristan is doing fantastic. He is so grown up now. He knows tons of shapes and colors and can count to ten and sing songs. He loves to read and be read too. He tries to "read" to Aiden and Aiden just sits there and soaks it all up. We played our first game with Tristan. They are these plastic Oreos that stick together by matching different shapes. He has to find the matching shapes and put them together. Well, he pulls one half of the cookie from the jar and if it matches what he has he puts them together. It teaches him patience also. We had lots of fun with the "cookie game" as he calls it.

Aiden is doing fantastic also. He is crawling all over the house and is trying to talk now. It is sooooooooo cool watching him talk. He is truly trying to talk...not just say mama or dada but make a sentence. He voice goes up and down and he makes facial expressions and the whole nine yards. I think it is from listening to all of us talk. He hasn't said his first word yet but he is close. I almost hear dada the other day. Almost. He is cruising now also. Walking is right around the corner. We go for our nine month check up next Friday. I am anxious to see how much he weighs. The Dr. was concerned last time we went because Aiden was so small. Julian and I were both small babies though so I was worried. I just said that everything was fine that Aiden didn't seem hungry or sad or lacking in any way so he shouldn't be worried either. I am still nursing Aiden which a huge deal for me. My goal was to do it for a year because I had to stop at 4 months with Tristan. I am struggling a bit right now though because my supply has gone down and Aiden's appetite has gone up. He refuses formula. REFUSES it. I am working on upping my supply. I also make his baby food which is something I wanted to do with Tristan but never did.

If I remember I will post Aiden's stats next week. I love seeing how he grows and then comparing them to Tristan's. Aiden is much lighter than Tristan was at this age, that much I know but I think they are around the same length wise. We will find out next week.