Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tristan and the ER

I think I experienced the scariest moment of my life as a mother. On Monday night/ Tuesday morning Tristan woke up coughing very badly and it sounded different. The weird part is that I am always the one who hears the kids during the night if they cry or cough or make any noises and that night Julian is the one who heard him. I felt Julian get out of bed and then I heard Tristan crying hysterically and trying to breathe. I went into his room to see what was going on because Tristan always wants Momma when he isn't feeling well. Julian was sitting on his bed holding him to calm him down. We at first thought he couldn't catch his breath due to him crying so hard. We took him to the living room and that was when I said something was terribly wrong. Tristan was trying so hard to get air into his lungs but just couldn't. I was so scared.

I looked into Julian's eyes and said "Doctor, right now! I think he has croup." I had never heard of croup until last year when my friend's son ended up getting it around Christmas time. She said that his cough sounded like a bark or seal. That was what Tristan sounded like only worse because he couldn't catch his breath. I got nervous. So Julian got dressed in negative three seconds and was out the door with Tristan. I knew that Tristan was going to be scared and he didn't have his Mi-ah (the name for his blankie) so I went to get it from his bed and ran out the door to the car to give it to him. Julian said that I should be the one taking him to the hospital because I calm him down when he is nervous and I know his medical history. I knew that was smarter than Julian taking him but I was no way going to take Aiden to the hospital with who knows what kind of germs there. So I got dressed faster than I have ever done anything in my life and off we went to the ER.

Now my neighborhood is very strict with their speed limit. We live all the way in the back of it and the speed limit is 35 almost all the way except for the front where there is a pool and playground. The speed limit changes to 25 and I am not kidding when I say that there is ALWAYS a cop waiting to pull you over if you are even one mile per hour over the limit. Well I didn't give a hoot about speed limits or cops. I sped the entire way out of my neighborhood. God was with me because not only was there not a cop around (unheard of) but we didn't have any traffic lights or traffic period. I drove about 85 down the freeway to Kingwood Drive and then sped on the feeder till I got to the hospital.

When we got there, we signed in and were seen very quickly. The funny part is Tristan stopped having trouble breathing when we got there. I thought to myself I should just turn around and go home so that way we wouldn't be charged. But I didn't turn around, I had to make sure my precious son was okay. While Tristan was getting looked at (temperature taken and some thing that tests the amount of oxygen going through his body) he was smiling and talking to me. He was so good. He had a raspy voice but he was very alert and snuggly. He was also VERY happy to have his mi-ah. The nurse said that he was getting oxygen so his breathing was good and he didn't have a temp. We then went back to the ER and proceeded to have x-rays done. He was soooooooo good. I can't tell you how wonderful he did. He sat so still and was so polite to the nurses. He even said thank you after each picture they took...on his own. I did not tell him to say that. It was precious. They thought that was so cool also. So after x-rays we had to go into the room we were assigned and wait for the results. They did a flu check (negative) and gave him a steriod shot (which really helped the swelling go down in his throat). He didn't like the shot but who would? I told him he was going to get a prick on his leg and that it would hurt for a bit but be better for him in the long run. The nurse guy that was in there (all I could think about was Greg Focker) said that he was proud of me for telling Tristan the truth about the shot. I guess lots of parents say that the medicine is candy and then the kids go home and eat/drink all the medicine in the house thinking it's candy.

So after the shot and flu check we just waited for about an hour and then the doc came in and said it was croup. Croup is a viral infection of the trachea and voice box. Oh yeah...Julian met us at the hospital right after the shot. That helped take Tristan's mind off the pain from the shot. I am so proud of my Tristan for being so cooperative. He didn't cry (except for the shot) the whole time we where there. So I was given papers on how to handle croup and then we headed home.

The next night (last night) was supposed to be bad also from what the Dr. said and the books said. He slept all through the night without a peep. He hasn't had any signs of being sick whatsoever. I am still giving him his medicine but so far so good. Just that one bad night and I am glad that I stayed to get him looked at. Just in case.

So that was our experience with Tristan and the ER. Our first trip to the hospital. I was scared silly but surprisingly remained calm and made sure my first born was okay. I love that boy with all that I am and would go to the ends of the earth for him.

In case you are wondering, my mom came to our house so Julian could make it to the hospital with us. I am thankful for both my mom and my husband. Thank you mom for watching my Aiden and thank you Julian for coming to be with us. You are my calm in the storm and I love you.

Oh, the pain!

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment to fill two cavities. I haven't had a cavity in ten years and all the sudden I have two of them. Technically though they are filling three because my old one is cracked or something so they have to fix it. Anyhow, so yesterday I had my mouth numbed and I hated it. Hated it. I couldn't feel anything in my mouth. I bit my tongue and lip and cheek. OUCH. The horrible part was that they didn't drill my tooth correctly. They left this extremely jagged edge that made it to where I couldn't close my mouth properly. I couldn't eat anything because my jaw didn't align correctly. Something so small, like a piece of tooth, made my entire jaw and mouth hurt for 24 hours. I had to go today to get it fixed. Thank goodness it didn't take but three minutes for them to fix it and now all is good but I was miserable. Julian got home from school and immediately knew I wasn't feeling well. He felt the jagged tooth and told me I better get it fixed asap. Good thing I listened to him.

The sad part is I have to go back for the second cavity in a few weeks and get all numb again. boo hoo.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

been too long

It has been forever since I was last on here. I still watch the crap t.v. shows that I don't think I should be watching, btw. Oh well.

Aiden is doing fantastic. He is six months old and has finally mastered the sitting up thing. He took FOREVER to do that. I was beginning to wonder about him. I they say not compare your children, but Tristan was sitting up at four months so I couldn't help but be a bit worried about Aiden not doing it. But now he has it, although he would still rather cuddle with his momma. He is my snugglebug for sure. I don't mind because Tristan never wanted to snuggle with me. Plus time goes by so fast that soon enough he isn't going to want me around at all probably. I am loving it all I can right now. Aiden is on the low side of the weight scale so I am going to try to fatten him up just a bit. Not really for the doctors sake but because I can tell he needs more food these days. He is trying to crawl and burning all those calories quickly. My little man is growing up so fast. He as four teeth now. He got his first at almost four months and now he as four teeth at six months. He is extremely attached to me and cries if I leave the room. Not all the time, but enough that I feel he is attached to me. I can usually tell if he will be good in the bouncy or not when I start to put him in. If he goes limp then he is good to go and if he is kicking and fidgetty he usually isn't wanting to be in the bouncy.

Tristan is doing great. He is two and talks a bunch now. I can hold an actual conversation with him now which is so cool. I remember when I was pregnant with him and I would imagine one day being able to talk to him and have him talk back. That day is here. I love it. He loves his baby brother. LOVES him. He wants to play with him and laugh with him. He gets very protective when he cries (although only at home though, when we go out Tristan is more attentive to his own interests). It's cute because when Aiden cries Tristan will ask him "what's wrong Aiden?"

Well, my little ones are waking up from naps (Tristan didn't really nap per say but whatever) so I best go get them before they get rowdy and think I left them.