Sunday, August 21, 2011

I haven't blogged in awhile. It's because I'm not quite sure where to start I guess. The easiest way for me to write it down is in list form. I love lists. I really do.

Here we go, it's all random and out of order. I'm going to jot down what comes to my head and you decipher it at your own risk:

*my hubby no longer has a job
*we do not have another job lined up yet
*family drama has gotten out of control
*i'm working on getting it under control
*it's a task too big for me to handle yet i'm still going to try
*my dog is shedding like crazy and it's making me crazy along the way
*Tristan is learning to read and i couldn't be more proud
*Aiden wishes he knew how to read and is just too cute for words when he sits with his books
*we have big, BIG plans for our future but don't know what they are
*Honey and i are really, truly learning what it means to trust God
*our life right now, as we speak, is a testament of our faith and trust in Him
*it's hotter than hot right now and i think i'm going to melt soon
*i've lost 17.2 lbs this summer
*i have lots more to go
*i still can't wear my wedding ring but i'm getting there, slowly but surely
*we got a cat, he is black, his name is Sable
*he is a very, VERY good cat
*my roses are dying and that makes me super sad
*sometimes i feel life is flying by and other times i feel it is at a stand-still
*i'm baking more and cooking less
*i want to cook more
*Honey and i are learning to live on a real, grown-up style budget and it doesn't suck
*menu planning has become increasingly more difficult the healthier i eat
*i'm totally addicted to pinterest

I think that's it.