Monday, September 20, 2010

mmmm mmmm good

Things are good. Life is good. My children are healthy and happy (most times but they may think otherwise when they are in the midst of their fit because Mommy said no to something they wanted). My husband is doing good in his new job. He likes it and seems to be happy. I have been doing good. I am trying to take more time for myself and I am loving it. I have been going to the gym (I only just started going back so it is farely new and I will have to see if I continue it) and I really enjoy it. I used to go all the time before marriage and babies. I would go four to five times a week and spend at least an hour and a half there. I go now and don't do nearly as much as I used to and only spend a little bit of time there but it feels great. I am reading more because I LOVE to read.

I sort of went through a lot this year. I had family issues and personal issues but now things seem to be looking up. I am looking very forward to the fall. I absolutely LOVE cold weather (the clothes are wonderful because they cover short shorts or shirts barely covering your bits and pieces). I am waiting for the cold weather to come but it will. I am anxiously awaiting it. This fall is going to be a good one.

Even our dogs are doing good. Aiden is in love with Drew and he will chase Petrie around trying to get her nub of a tail. It is funny. Drew lets him sit on top of her and poke her in the eye. That dog is so incredibly good with my children. She loves them like they were her own puppies. Petrie is good but would rather cuddle with me. She will play with the boys but gets tired of them quickly.

Life is good like I said. We are healthy, happy, and full of hope.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tristan's first day at MDO

It was great. Tristan was ready to start school a long time ago I think. We would talk about it and he would say "let's go now!" How cute. He already knows his colors, numbers, and shapes. He is learning that in his school right now so he is a bit ahead for now but I am happy for him. He is going to learn spanish and has a computer class. How exciting!!

He was perfectly fine when we got there. He went right to his seat that he picked on "Meet the Teacher" day. He posed for pictures with me and then went to go play. He was happy to see me when I picked him up. His teacher said that he didn't take a nap and I experienced the consequences of that. He was happy to see me but quickly turned into cranky boy. He fell asleep almost as soon as we got in the car but was still super cranky the rest of the day.

I cried when I got in the car after dropping him off. I kept my composure in the classroom and almost let loose a tear on the way out but didn't.

I am amazed at the stage we are at. I can't believe he is going to preschool. Crazy. I have always said I would wait until Tristan was three to send him to MDO and now he is old enough to go. Where did the past three years go?

I know that this is going to be great for him and he seems to really be enjoying it.