Wednesday, November 7, 2012


i am sick.  i don't feel like using caps.  i haven't posted in a very long time.  here goes.

hazel is the most amazing baby ever.  i have been so very, very blessed with wonderful children.  every parent says that and it leaves other parents or people without children wondering how can every child be wonderful.  here is how:  God gives us children that are perfect for us.  that is how.  not every child is perfect but is perfect for you.

my three children are perfectly flawed just for me.  they are flawed in the areas that God knew i could handle.  they are flawed in the ways that God could use them to teach me.  i love that.

hazel is two months old and she got her shots today.  she was AMAZING.  she cried for about 8 seconds.  she had to be given meds orally and she took them like a champ.  she holds her head high and is just lovely.  she really, truly is.  she has always slept very, very well.  she doesn't really cry much.  she moans and whines but not cry cry.  but when she does, it is the ugly cry.

she doesn't cry when getting dressed.  she doesn't cry when she is getting a diaper change.  she doesn't cry unless she is in her carseat.  and that is quite often.  i am always on the go these days.  tristan has karate and school.  aiden has mdo.  tristan has baseball.  hazel *hates* her carseat.  oh well, she is going to need to get over that.  hopefully she will.

aiden got bit by fire ants over this past weekend.  bad.  VERY bad.  my poor baby.  he is so good about it though.  he isn't really crying but they itch him like mad.  i can tell.  but he is so good.  lately, he throws fits.  i hate them.  i will be happy when he outgrows this.  soon.  please be soon.  he also is very much a daddy's boy these days.  he even chooses to hold daddy's hand when we walk places now.  he used to only hold mine.  ah, tis life.

tristan is good.  he is in kindergarten and is doing awesome.  his teacher told me that he is very smart and that he should be in the gifted and talented class.  i am a proud momma.  he loves baseball but quite frankly he isn't very good at it.  sshhhh...don't tell him i said that.  he is great at karate, when he actually pays attention.  he has moved up in class quickly.  he has his orange belt and he got it months in advance.  he does this thing though, he puts his lips and food in weird, disgusting places.  it's awful.  all i can think about is germs.  yucky, gross germs.

i love my children and how they are perfect for me.  not perfect but perfect for me.  i am blessed beyond belief with such an amazing family God gave julian and me.