Monday, April 20, 2009

Today Tristan and I are trying to take it easy. On Wednesday we are having a new family member join us. Momma is taking it easy so my body will be rested and prepared for what is to come. Tristan is just enjoying being able to play with all his toys and have Momma watch him and help when needed (if it is accepted). Tristan is going through his "I don't want any help but need help" stage.

I am new at the blogging so I will keep it short and sweet and hopefully learn more as I go. I know that I will have time at home (sort of) in upcoming months to read a bit and what better reading is there (other than The Word) than catching up on friends and family?

Take Care and Love One Another

Friday, April 17, 2009

I tried changing something...lets see if it worked

New At This

Well...I finally made a blog thingie but have no clue what I am doing. When I get this figured out, I will try to find people. long will that take me?