Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Why do people feel the need to lie? I don't get it. "White" lies are still LIES! Just don't do it. Honesty is the best policy. If someone can't handle the truth that is their issue not yours. Just don't lie.

I can't handle them. I loathe them. I don't lie and don't want to be lied to. I'm a big girl. I can take whatever comes my way. If I look fat in something, I would like to know the true answer if I ask you. Don't say "No" if the answer is "Yes". That is a white lie most people do.

But I was lied to in a bigger way. In a way that makes me mad inside because the other party must think so little of me that she didn't want to tell me the truth. As if I am some rude, inconsiderate person and wouldn't respect her wishes. That is when I really, really hate lies. It not only isn't right but you are throwing how you feel about the other person out there. Here is an example:

We will go back to the fat lie mentioned above. If someone asks you if they look fat but you say no then you must think that they can't handle the truth. But what if they can? If they ask, they can handle the truth. We all know that the truth hurts sometimes.

Lies always come back around. They just do. Somehow they will come to surface. Maybe not now, maybe not in the near future, but someday they will.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Stealing Happiness

You know who knows you really, really well? Satan. Yep, he does. He studies you. He watches over you. He will go to great lengths to turn you from God.

He knows my weaknesses. He knows when to whisper silly, hurtful, little lies into my ear to bring me down. He has studied me all my life and knows exactly how to look endearing and trustworthy only to then yank the joy right out of my heart. I've caught on to his tricks. It has taken me 30 years but he keeps it fresh to keep fooling me BUT it's the same trick deep down, just different casings. It's all the same for me....DISCONTENTMENT!!

That is his secret weapon. He gets to me with my contentment issues. I know one thing in particular that prevents me from being content. I struggle with it. I can't help but feel inadequate, left out, judged, being the one judging, jealous, envious, mad and sad. Those are some of the emotions but all emotions are felt when I engage in this new way of life. What am I talking about? Facebook.

FB is just another tool for Satan to use against me. It is great for others but not me. I used to like it but now I just find myself getting a ball of unwanted emotions in my tummy every time I go to that site.

It has taken me a long time to finally see what was going on. I kept thinking that something was wrong with me, that I had problems. I see now that it is perfectly fine that FB might be great for others but not great for me. I haven't been putting status updates (regularly) for a few weeks now and no one even noticed. If they did, they said nothing. Nothing at all. I had to bring it up to people for them to notice. It doesn't matter if I am on there or not. It doesn't effect anyone else but it does effect my life.

I would rather go back to high school days when I had to call someone and talk to them to find out what's going on in their life or just to chat because we enjoyed each others company. I do LOVE texting though. With my two boys it is much easier to type out a text and send it rather than be on the phone and have them go nuts trying to get my attention. I sound like an 80 year old woman that is refusing to accept the changing times but I see what is good for my family, myself, and my journey to be like Christ. If something is getting in the way of that then I need to remove it.

With that, so long Facebook. I leave you now but who knows what the future holds. It's been a good/bad/long run.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A bit sad and A tad mad

It really sucks when life blows crappy changes your way...or someone else's way and it affects you.

Some major changes happened to someone I love. May-Jor changes!! At first I thought they were good changes and then quickly realized how wrong I was. The thing is, it affects my family and me personally. You wouldn't think that someone else's stuff would...someone who lives out of state away from you but it can.

I have realized a few things along the way:

1) You never really know someone

2) They will say it's your fault bad things came from something that they consider good

3) People are SUPER selfish

4) I love this person and her family very much and it saddens my heart to see not-so-good changes take place

5) What we do (or don't do) can negatively affect other people

6) Life is really, REALLY hard sometimes

I hope that things go back to what they were only tweaked a bit to help things get better. I am worried that things will never be the same again after this last year. I am worried that misunderstandings and neglect to see the truth will kill relationships.

Here is what I have to say, bottom line: ALWAYS hear and accept other people's side of the story. Don't just disregard someone's feelings because they don't match your own. We are all different and God made us that way.

If you feel you have been hurt, think of the other person and if you may have hurt them.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Marriage is ...

Marriage is….loving more than you ever thought possible.

Marriage is….freedom.

Marriage is….fun beyond imagination.

Marriage is….contentment.

Marriage is….settling into a new normal.

Marriage is….a wonderful new life.

Marriage is…..misunderstandings.

Marriage is…..learning to forgive.

Marriage is…..wanting more.

Marriage is….waiting.

Marriage is…..infertility.

Marriage is….miscarriage.

Marriage is…..grief.

Marriage is……leaning on each other.

Marriage is…..two people grieving differently.

Marriage is….not understanding.

Marriage is…..turning back to the Lord.

Marriage is….accepting.

Marriage is….daily mundane.

Marriage is…..eating leftovers.

Marriage is…..dishes and laundry.

Marriage is….a much needed night out together.

Marriage is….coming together again.

Marriage is…..loving more than you ever thought possible.

Marriage is….welcoming new life.

Marriage is….learning something new.

Marriage is….being a real “team”.

Marriage is…..seeing each other in a whole new “light”.

Marriage is…..doing hard things for someone.

Marriage is…..getting up at 5am when you don’t have the energy to.

Marriage is…..forgetting to nourish each other.

Marriage is……drifting.

Marriage is…..not agreeing with how to handle a situation.

Marriage is....hard.

Marriage is….anger.

Marriage is….more anger.

Marriage is….sleeping with your backs to each other.

Marriage is….thinking really ugly thoughts.

Marriage is…..getting help from other believers.

Marriage is……surrender of your own “will”.

Marriage is…..learning to let a lot of things….go.

Marriage is……grace.

Marriage is……not expecting perfection.

Marriage is…..learning a “new” way to love.

Marriage is…..appreciating each other.

Marriage is…..being unendingly thankful to the Lord for each other.

Marriage is…..loving more than you ever thought possible.

Marriage is…..forever.