Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things I Love

I love winter and winter clothing.
I love wind. And breezes. And scarves.
I love bright colors and wearing bright colors any time of the year.
I loved watching C.S.I. when Grissom was on the show.
I love watching shows with my husband and I love t.v. I love going to the movies and sitting at Barnes and Noble.
I love Starbucks and ordering the same drink over and over and never venturing outside my box.
I love my house.
I love the mess in my house and cleaning the messes in my house.
I love my house when I just got done cleaning it.
I love my brand new car.
I love my bathroom. It's pretty. I love all bathrooms. I love to see how different they can all be.
I love traveling and I LOVE Paris.
I love my big backyard, the color of the bricks, and mailbox.
I love being in love with my husband.
I love the color fuchsia.
I love going on road trips with comfy pants on and magazines to look at and books to read.
I love reading, especially reading mafia books.
I love cooking and kitchens. I love kitchen equipment.
Shopping is super fun and I am learning to love it.
I love shoes, watches, purses. Oh how I love purses.
I love dogs and particularly love my two dogs. Drew and Petrie.
I loved breastfeeding. I loved wearing my baby. I loved wearing him when it was cold, not hot.
I love shopping for little boy clothes. And I love figuring out what my boys will wear for the day. I love my parents. Dearly.
I love my brother even though he is going through something awkward right now.
I love God and all that He has blessed me with.
I love my husband with all that I am. I love his smell. I love his hair. I love his face. I love his cute feet. I love everything about him.
I love my two sons. I love their hair and they way they smell. I love how different they are and dread how different they are at the same time. But I do love them...unconditionally.
I love my husband for creating my babies with me. I love our love.

These are some of the things I love. It feels good to write it down. It feels good to think happy thoughts. Maybe you learned something about you didn't know before.

You do the same on your blog. It's fun.

Monday, November 15, 2010


So today my beautiful, handsome, wonderful Tristan showed me just how much he has grown up!! He was playing with his Lego's and actually built me a house. A real house. One that looks just like a house. Not a tower of Lego's just put together. He made me a house. I watched him put it together all on his own. No help. No nothing. He is growing up so fast. I cried. I am so happy for him that his imagination is shining through now. He wanted to make his Momma a house. I can't wait to see what his little brain will want to make me tomorrow.

He also had an imaginary friend today. Diego! You know, THE Diego. He didn't create his own name or person, he borrowed Nickelodeon's, but he sure played with him around the house today. They climbed a mountain, went into a cave, hid from bears and lions and tigers, and had dinner together. It was so cute. I accidentally sat on Diego though. Oops! I didn't injure him, I just sat on him and hurt his feelings according to Tristan. He's better now after his peanut butter and jelly sammich. Hope he doesn't have a nut allergy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

All Alone and So Quiet

Tristan is at MDO and the house is so quiet without him. Aiden doesn't know what to do without his big brother. It is precious to see him look for Tristan all over the house. I am at work on Tuesdays and Aiden is at my Mom's house. She keeps him very busy and entertained. Because he only sees her twice a week he is okay on Tuesday's when Tristan is gone because it is somebody new to play with. On Thursday's I think he is extra sad because we are at home where he is ALWAYS with his big brother. I have started "school" for him now to keep him busy. Normally he has Tristan to occupy his mind and we don't get one on one time so this is lovely for both of us.

We are practicing colors, letters, numbers, sounds, words, and objects. I am very far behind in teaching him the basics. Tristan at 18 months knew his colors and could say plenty of words. Aiden can say lots of words but only when prompted by other people. Tristan would talk to us. Aiden talks back. So I feel as though I have been a huge slacker with the second child. Shame on me.

He is doing great though. Come to find out he already knows tons of things. He just doesn't show or tell us he knows them. Now that it is just the two of us he has all the time in the world to show me just how much he knows. I am amazed at what I thought he didn't know but he actually does know. I love it. He is the loud, quiet one. Weird huh? He is loud with whining, he is the KING of whining, but quiet with actual talking. He gets your attention by whining or crying instead of using words. This is a work in progress of teaching him to use words to get me or Daddy to do whatever it is he is wanting us to do for him. We are slowly but surely getting there.

I love my little Aiden. He is such a character once you get to know him. People who try to say hi to him probably think he is horrible. He never lets them hold him, touch him, or even talk to him. He is very strange. He really is. There are only 4 1/2 people who are on the inside with him. Mommy, Daddy, Tristan (he should really be first because he is the closest to Aiden), my Mom aka Dodi, and my Dad is halfway there. Hence the 4 1/2. Other than these four people, Aiden doesn't let you close.

But if you are privileged enough to be in his inner circle, it is an amazing place to be.