Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week 20

I am 20 weeks and got to find out what we are having.  A GIRL!

I don't want to forget some things about this pregnancy, so here I go with stuff:

~ I actually am enjoying this pregnancy
~ It started out really rough (basically the first 12 weeks)
~ I am smaller with this pregnancy than my previous two
~ I LOVE spicy food this time
~ I am exercising this time which I certainly did not do the first two times
~ I gained a lot in 20 weeks and that has me worried about the next 20
~ I am smaller even though I have gained a lot = I think that's weird
~ Tristan has said the whole time he wanted a little sister
~ He knew before we did that it was a girl
~ Aiden keeps saying "baby brover/sister"; It's both to him, not one or the other
~ Tristan and Aiden LOVE to sit on my lap and feel their baby
~ Honey felt her for the first time when I was about 17 weeks
~ I felt her much earlier than that and didn't write it down :-(
~ This pregnancy is right in front and not all over
~ I have gotten numerous compliments this pregnancy about looking cute or small (which is nice)
~ Tristan got to tell our families that he was going to be a big brother
~ This pregnancy is going by super fast...SUPER FAST
~ I have a different OB/GYN this time
~ My due date is Sept 10
~ Everybody thought this was a girl
~ I love Dr. Pepper (I always have) but REALLY love it now
~ I can't get enough of sweet stuff: candy, cake, cookies
~ She sits low like Tristan did
~ Honey can hear her heartbeat in my tummy with his own ears

Friday, April 13, 2012

I Need to Remember

Aiden's Hair

My Son's Smiles

Rodeo Day


Boys Being Boys

My SuperHeroes

Their SuperHeroes

Brotherly Love

Mommy Love

Overall Cuteness

and so I don't forget how I actually enjoyed my 3rd pregnancy

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nesting Already??

I am 17 weeks along and I feel like I'm nesting already.  Sheesh.  Although I will admit that I love to organize stuff, whether I'm growing a baby or not.  I love to move furniture around.  I love new stuff and new looks and new colors.  I shouldn't say new, I should say different.  I love different styles.  I can rearrange my stuff and it feels "new"!

I spent the entire morning cleaning out my boys' room.  It is amazing!!  I had two closets FILLED to the brim with clothes.  I know have one closet, shared by the boys, with extra space and the other closet is empty for Baby #3.  I had sooooo many clothes that they couldn't wear but I kept them in their closet just because.  I took them all out to organize and go through in case Baby #3 is a boy.  If Baby is a girl, I have the boy clothes ready to be donated and a closet ready to be filled with girl stuff.  I am obviously keeping gender neutral items.

I went through toys, drawers, blankets, clothes, and more toys!!  I am cleaning house people.  I am a simple girl that wants a simple house.  I don't like clutter AT ALL and I don't want to be overwhelmed when we add another person to the house.  I want to be ready and have room.  I am keeping things simple this time around.  I learned with the first two, more is not always better.  I want enough stuff to feel satisified but not enough to where I feel I don't have any space in my house to keep all the clothes and toys at bay.

I had the best time organizing all my babies stuff.  It is sad to see that they can't wear almost 75% of the stuff in their closet (and drawers) because they have outgrown them.  But it is nice to know that they can now wear anything and everything that is in the closet and drawers.  I don't have to check the tags anymore.

I should have taken before and after pictures but I was just happy to get it done.  Oh well...maybe next time!