Saturday, December 5, 2009


This morning I went to Target to do some Christmas shopping. I found what I was looking for easily and told Julian that I would take the boys with me to get my glasses adjusted while he checks out. I needed my glasses tightened because Aiden seems to like to grab them and make them become loose on my face. So off me and the boys went to the eye part of Target. They took my glasses and went to town fixing them. The tech guy gave them to me to try them on and see how they fit. I put them on and thought to myself "this feels perfect". He looked at me and said that he needed to do the right side of them a little bit more. My instinct said keep them but my body took them off my face and gave them to the tech. Next thing I knew I heard "crack". Mind you I can't see a darn thing because I am practically blind. I hear Julian (who came in the shop but I apparently didn't see because I had no eyes) let out his breath in a bad way. I squint my eyes and see my lens cracked completely in half. I am surprised that I didn't just lose it right then and there. I was very polite and didn't yell or anything. I just let him tell me that he was sorry and that he would order me a pair of glasses to replace them. The bad part is I have no replacement pair at home to hold me over until the new pair come in. I have on old pair but they give me a huge headache. ugh. So now I have to wear an old pair that I can't see that well with that gives me a headache until the Monday after next week. ugh again. I am glad that I wasn't rude to the guy or anyone else. But now that I have spent all day wearing a pair of glasses that aren't right for me I am highly annoyed and agitated. I just want to see correctly and not have a headache.

At least I got some of my Christmas shopping done though.